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All proceeds go to support the llamas and alpacas in The Llama Sanctuary and to support the service that The Llama Sanctuary provides throughout North America!




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How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh

why Skin Gemms?

what makes Skin Gemms special?

Your skin is as unique as you are

At Skin Gemms, we appreciate that everyone is different. We are unique. Each one of us has a unique blend of circumstances, feelings, desires, concerns and DNA that is expressed through these amazing physical bodies, with which we are endowed. Oftentimes, that expression is revealed in our skin and since our skin is the largest organ in the human body, we ought to take it seriously! 

Plant Stem Cells

Considerable research has been carried out revealing that applying stem cells derived from plants, directly to human skin can produce significant restorative benefits.  Skin Gemms sources the best plant-derived stem cell extracts for use in base-layer products that help renew, revitalize and even regenerate our much abused skin.

Complete Skin Treatment Program


A gentle cleansing lotion rich in antioxidants


Tone & Balance restores skin pH

Stem Cell Serum

A rich concentrate of potent skin restoratives


A non-greasy creme provides day-long protection

Skin Gemms seeks to keep things simple.  Let us help you choose which skin treatment is best for you.  Whether you have dry, sensitive, oily or damaged skin, we have created a treatment kit to suit your needs.

We keep it simple

Our Values

Purest Ingredients

Manufacturing is carried out under the strictest of quality control in certified premises.  Organic ingredients are selected wherever they are available (we don’t like the addition of pesticides and herbicides in our skin care products!).  We are strongly opposed to testing and experimentation upon animals and wll not countenance the testing of our products on anyone, but ourselves!

Furthermore, the ingredients are all vegan, so there are no animal body parts or fluids added to our products.  We tell it like it is.

Reliable & Ethical Outlets

Supplying quality skin treatment products through a supply chain that supports local businesses wherever possible.  You won’t find Skin Gemms in mega-stores.  You will find us in local craft venues, in independent salons, spas, hotels and stores and you will find Skin Gemms amongst a myriad other quality crafted products found on Etsy, renowned as a reliable and trustworthy marketplace.  Etsy demands a great deal from the sellers and provides customers with enhanced financial security you can trust.  If we fail our customers, we don’t get paid and could lose our shop window!

Social Responsibility

Skin Gemms is committed to minimizing the impact that we have on the environment.  Our offices are established to re-use packaging, wherever possible, to recycle anything that cannot be re-used, to repair what becomes broken and to re-member every day, the reason we started this business was to help people and not cause harm.

Helping Our friends

We care passionately for the animal kingdom, so much so that a large portion of the profits are specifically directed to our own favourite large animal rescue facility in British Columbia: The Llama Sanctuary   The Llama Sanctuary is more like a safari than a shelter and is one of the most beautiful animal sanctuaries you will ever visit.  It’s well worth a trip if you are in the region.

What Drives Us?

Our Mission

Essential Harmlessness – cultivating an awareness that our skin is the most magnificent and beautiful organ in the body and developing a range of products together with a treatment program that nurtures, restores and revitalizes the skin without causing harm to you, the animal kingdom or the extraordinary planet upon we live.

Now is the only time in the world

Your skin is dying to reflect your inner beauty.  Bring it to life now!

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Learn More About Skin Care

What are Plant Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated and studies have confirmed that Stem Cells applied to the skin demonstrate remarkable alterations in the firmness, hydration and cell reproduction with a notable reduction in fine lines (aging).

The Skinny on Skin

That thin covering over your flesh and bones does more than simply stop your insides from falling out.  Much more!

Human skin is incredibly tough and resilient, yet extremely supple and tender.  It makes decisions about what can pass through the membrane and what cannot pass through.  It maintains its own Team of First Responders that leaps into action at the first sign of injury.

Skin is a mighty miracle on its own!