Most people never stop to think about whether or not the chemical ingredients in their skin care are safe. It may be assumed that if it was packaged and marketed by a large skin care or cosmetics company it must be safe. Unfortunately, that is not the case. When it comes to food or drugs, the FDA is strict with guidelines and policies. However, due to current laws, their hands are tied when it comes to the ingredient list and safety and efficacy of skin care and cosmetic products. A large issue with not having proper regulations in place for skin care products is the combinations of normally safe ingredients when used alone. However, if you combine the “safe” ingredients, the combination may become carcinogenic. Even when a responsible company tests their products, it is generally for a short time study, not a decades-long project. The problem becomes more complex when consumers use products from different skin care or cosmetic lines that have not been tested together. If the ingredients are combined and used for a long period of time, they may cause cancer. Skin care companies are not required to report study results to the FDA. The only way this can be changed is through a change of law. Until that day concentrate on being a conscientious consumer.  Educate yourself on harmful ingredients and get into the habit of reading labels. It will probably be easier if you commit to one skin care and cosmetic line to see how the products interact together. Later, if you decide to switch a product and experience a reaction, you will know which product caused the issue and perhaps narrow down the offending ingredient. Spend some time online researching companies and their practices. Many holistic skin care and cosmetic companies’ products can be found online or at health food stores. These companies tend to use natural ingredients and monitor their manufacturing process. Look for a company that is not afraid to be transparent in their online presence.  
Until skin care safety regulations are in place, it is the consumer’s job to be prudent about all skin care products the family uses. Follow the advice above to get started. The Environmental Working Group wrote an interesting article listing myths on cosmetics safety.