Efficacy Study of the daily use of Mushroom Stem Cells

FSS Mushroom Extract SM PF was tested at 10% in an aqueous solution and compared to a water treated control. The areas tested were the volar forearms of 10 panelists. Results showed an 18.5% increase in cell turnover when using the FSS Mushroom Extract SM PF.

A twelve weekin vivo clinical study was also carried out utilizing a 10-person panel to evaluate the effects of FSS Mushroom Extract SM PF on the skin. A standard Quick-break Emulsion with 5% ABS Mushroom Extract SM PF was applied to the face twice daily for the entire study period. Measurements with regard to skin hydration, skin firmness, and fine lines were taken at the start of the study and at the end of the study. A Nova Impedance meter was used to measure skin hydration. Skin firmness was measured via Indentometry, and fine lines were measured by Clinical Grading. Results indicate dramatic improvements in all of the areas tested. Results shown below are averages of the results of the 10 panelists as compared from the first day and the last day of the study.

Efficacy Study reprinted courtesy of Formulator Sample Shop