Skin Gemms offers advanced skin care formulation for most skin types using natural ingredients and organically grown plants and derivatives, wherever available.

Innovative ideas and products are presented at the lowest possible prices.


Principles of Skin Gemms

  • Plant-derived Stem Cells
  • Organically sourced ingredients where available
  • Pure, natural fragrances without harmful petroleum products
  • Vegan – no animal ingredients
  • Cruelty-free – Skin Gemms is opposed to animal testing
  • 50% of profit goes to support ‘The Llama Sanctuary’
  • Black Violet Glass for preserving quality and integrity and providing a harmonious energy
  • ‘Many Happy Returns’ – Return your empty Violet Glass container and receive 10% off a replacement
  • Made in Beautiful British Columbia
Until skin care safety regulations are in place, it is the consumer’s job to be prudent about all skin care products the family uses. Follow the advice above to get started.

The Environmental Working Group wrote an interesting article listing myths on cosmetics safety.