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Calendula Calm Creme Moisturizer is especially suitable for over-reactive and sensitive skin.

Rejuvenation Creme Moisturizer
Rejuvenation Creme Moisturizer
for normal, mature, hyper-pigmented & environmentally stressed skin

Product Detail:

This smooth, anti-aging crème has been formulated to protect

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and pamper.  This light, fragrance-free whipped moisturizing souffle is designed to hydrate and enhance skin texture and is rich in natural source vitamins from plant origins such as Sunflower Seed Oil.  Calendula Calm creates a natural moisture barrier which is highly desirable for sensitive skin, which is often compromised and sensitized. This gentle blend of Olive Oil, Mango Butter and Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, Cucumber and Calendula nurtures and supports sensitive skin, helping to restore equilibrium and calm.



After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount of moisturizer to face and neck and massage in gently. May be used in the morning and evening.

• In recent years, technicians have noticed an increased incidence of sensitive skin conditions. This is due mainly to improper use of products, harmful ingredients and environmental aggressors. This highlights the importance of safe ingredients and maintaining a healthy skin care regimen.

• An effective moisturizer for sensitive skin prevents moisture loss, decreases redness and fights against UV damage.

• Factors such as heat, cold, wind, sun, dry climates, pollution, stress and medications, attack the skin and cause premature aging. Ingredients in the Calendula Calm Crème work synergistically to fight against these harmful environmental stressors.

• The most common cause of sensitive skin is said to be genetics. However, many characteristics of sensitivity such as inflammation and flare ups, can be controlled and prevented through diet and a protective skin care regimen. Avoid products that contain artificial coloring, fragrances and preservatives.

• Dryness and dehydration are common characteristics of sensitive skin. It is not only important to protect the skin, but also to use products that are nourishing and moisturizing in order to achieve the healthiest overall skin condition.



Morning & Evening:

Cleanse your skin with Soothe Cleansing Solution Tone and restore the perfect pH balance using Tone & Balance Anti-oxidant Toner Treat with the gently action of Angelica Facial Serum Moisturize using Calendula Calm Crème

In the evening, you can replace the Calendula calm with CoQ Crème Moisturizer with greater restorative benefits



Violet Glass


Violet Glass, also called Black Violet Glass or Miron Glass has clearly proven its ability to preserve contents held within such containers from the deleterious effects of sunlight/daylight.

Photographs can be found on the Internet (#miron glass experiments images) demonstrating the wonderful properties of Black Violet Glass that replaces the need for many preservatives used in food, cosmetics and skin care products, oftentimes in large quantities to create long shelf life.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages in Water, photographed the results of storing water in different coloured glass and revealed extraordinary beautiful structure to water when stored in Violet Glass

Violet Glass is however, considerably more expensive than other coloured glass. Skin Gemms is developing a program to enable customers to return their empty Violet Glass containers for re-use in return for a discount on replacement products. More details to be revealed soon.




Skin Gemms offers advanced skin care formulation for most skin types using natural ingredients and organically grown plants and derivatives, wherever available.

• Plant-derived Stem Cells

• Organically sourced ingredients where available

• Pure, natural fragrances without harmful petroleum products

• Vegan – no animal ingredients

• Cruelty-free – Skin Gemms is opposed to animal testing

• Black Violet Glass for preservation and spiritual enhancement

• 50% of revenue goes to support ‘The Llama Sanctuary’

• Made in Beautiful British Columbia