Unlike toothpastes manufactured from chemicals which are toxic and contain other nasties such as plastic micro beads, brushing your teeth with coconut oil offers several benefits.

• It is a natural tooth whitener
• It soothes and calms sore gums
• Depending on which flavours you add, there is no ghastly after taste
• It’s a natural breath freshener
• It’s an easy way to achieve oil pulling, without gagging
• You can impact the revenues of the pharma chemical giants

Organic coconut oil offers many health benefits; you can read about them in our earlier article. Our skin absorbs up to 80% of anything we apply to it, especially our gums. Most of us brush our teeth at least once a day, so it makes sense that this is a useful way to give our bodies some loving kindness.

We have an old saying in England: ‘rubbish in, rubbish out”. Don’t expect to continue abusing your body by ingesting or applying toxins, thinking that you can put it right with a ‘de-tox’ such as the trending practice of Oil Pulling. I was sceptical when I first heard about oil pulling, but decided to try it so I could speak from experience. My verdict: Yuk! One tablespoon of oil for twenty minutes? I must have a very small mouth; I was gagging and drooling and could not keep the mess in! But, it gave me an idea: use it as a base for toothpaste.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with a few toothpaste recipes. Baking soda was usually the base and I disliked the foaming. Apart from trying different oils for flavour, I haven’t amended my coconut recipe at all; I loved it from the first tentative sample and every day since. It’s so simple to mix and the ingredients are inexpensive. Our organic coconut oil toothpaste sits in a very attractive little jar in the bathroom with a small spatula inside. There is no need to refrigerate; coconut oil is anti bacterial and anti microbial
50 grams organic coconut oil
5 ml (one teaspoon) baking soda
5 ml (one teaspoon) vegetable glycerine
5 drops peppermint oil

Put everything into a small jar and mix with the handle of the teaspoon (easy to stir and saves wastage). Increase or decrease the three additives to suit your taste and try different oils; cinnamon is also nice.