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Harmony Facial Serum is suitable for all skin types with the exception of very sensitive skin.

Harmony serum is filled with goodness to help restore, repair and reviatlize your skin.  It has been especially formulated for enhanced hydration. Hydration is essential for all skin types. Dry skin results from environmental conditions, regions with ‘hard’, calcium-rich water, air conditioning, extremes of temperatures and is typical of skin in people over the age of 25 years, when Co-enzyme Q10 production slows down or ceases altogether.

Harmony Facial Serum
Harmony Facial Serum
for normal, mature & environmentally stressed skin

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Product Detail:


Enriched with water attracting humectants and soothing botanical ingredients, this serum is essential for those who experience dryness, sagging skin, or a loss of skin vitality. It is mistakenly believed that oily skin needs to be dried; this is incorrect! Balancing the pH of the skin and applying the correct oils and botanicals treats the skin and limits over production of sebum.

Suppleness is provided through superior hydration, which in turn enhances the ability of skin to absorb nutrients from potent botanical extracts directly into the skin cells and capillaries.

Skin Gemms Harmony Serum is formulated around an extract of stem cells derived from the Argan tree and Apple tree. These extracts have been proven to provide significant skin restorative functions.

Other innovative ingredients include Cucumis Sativus, commonly known as the fruit of the cucumber! This extract has a pH value identical to human skin and is known for its ability to repair and revitalize dry and damaged skin. Atlantic Sea Kelp has long been used for its rich nutrient content and its apparent wrinkle-removing properties. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 and Saccharomyces Lystate (Biodynes 03) are employed for their properties of encouraging collagen synthesis and counteracting visible signs of aging.

This Serum is made entirely without animal products or harsh chemicals. It is sold in 15 ml size Violet Glass bottles (see ‘Violet Glass’ description below), which is sufficient for one month of regular use. The pump dispenser is clean, reliable and efficient.

Harmony Serum is light, yet luxurious and has been designed to improve skin tone, texture and firmness. This Serum contains no harsh chemical ingredients, but certain botanical ingredients have been identified as possible causes of irritation in those with extreme sensitivities. If you have highly sensitive skin, we would direct you to Skin Gemms Angelica Serum instead, which has been especially formulated for sensitive skin.

Daily Use:


After cleansing and toning, activate powerful extracts by rubbing one or two pumps of Harmony between palms. Pat or smooth gently onto face and neck before applying protective moisturizer, such as Skin Gemms Rejuvenation, Purity or CoQ Crème. Harmony Serum makes an excellent makeup primer and can also be used on any area of the body.

Harmony Serum may also be used in place of moisturizer and is one component of the Rejuvenation Treatment Kit for damaged skin. Skin Gemms CoQ Crème Moisturizer is an ideal companion to the Skin Gemms Treatment Serums if you spend much time outdoors. Extremes of cold, hot, dry heat, wind and air conditioning, all place additional burdens upon human skin to replace damaged cells. Regeneration and rejuvenation of cells is the role of plant and mycelium stem cell extracts used in Skin Gemms products**.

**We at Skin Gemms wish it to be known that no human or animal stem cells are used in these products and nor do we endorse the research or use of human and animal embryonic stem cells.

Violet Glass


Harmony Serum is dispensed in Violet Glass bottles.

Violet Glass, also called Black Violet Glass or Miron Glass has clearly proven its ability to preserve contents held within such containers from the deleterious effects of sunlight/daylight.



Skin Gemms offers advanced skin care formulation for most skin types using natural ingredients and organically grown plants and derivatives, wherever available.

Innovative ideas and products are presented at the lowest possible prices.

• Plant-derived Stem Cells

• Organically sourced ingredients where available

• Pure, natural, botanical fragrances without harmful petroleum products

• Vegan – no animal ingredients

• Cruelty-free – Skin Gemms is opposed to animal testing

• Black Violet Glass for preservation and spiritual enhancement

• 50% of revenue goes to support ‘The Llama Sanctuary’

• Made in Beautiful British Columbia