Skin Gemms

the most beautiful skin care found in nature

Plant-based Stem Cells

Mother Nature has blessed us with the ability to renew and rejuvenate the cells of the body indefinitely.  Are you ready to take a journey into the unknown?

Nutrient-Rich Moisturizer

Filled with natural ingredients restoring vital nutrients where they are required in the skin

Delicate Fragrance

Delicate fragrance from nature stimulates subtle feelings for each occasion

Skin Gemms Facial Serums

Formulated for all skin types, using plant-based stem cells to initiate skin repair and rejuvenation.

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What Makes Skin Gemms Special?

At Skin Gemms, we appreciate that everyone is different.  We are unique.  Each one of us has a unique blend of circumstances, feelings, desires, concerns and DNA that is expressed through these amazing physical bodies, with which we are endowed.  Oftentimes, that expression is revealed in our skin and since our skin is the largest organ in the human body, we ought to take it seriously!

Small Batch Production

Skin Gemms is formulated in small batches due to the lack of ingredients whose sole purpose is to preserve the product.  Some ingredients are multi-function and can serve in a preservative role, but long shelf life items require VAST amounts of preservatives …which aren’t necessarily good for you!  Skin Gemms employs the radical idea of preserving with Black Violet Glass.  Learn More

Essential Harmlesness

There is a reason why we don’t see many images of animals with blistered skin and eyes burned away by chemicals.  The images are held in great secrecy by the companies employed to carry out the experiments and the majority of people would stop buying the products being tested in this manner.  Skin Gemms maintains a policy of essential harmlessness and will never endorse testing of products on animals.

Plant Stem Cells

Considerable research has been carried out demonstrating the efficacy of applying plant stem cells directly to human skin for important rejuvenating benefits.  Skin Gemms sources the best quality Stem Cell Extracts for use in the base layer products that help renew, revitalize and regenerate our much abused skin.

Natural Ingredients

Only the finest, natural ingredients are used, sourced from plants and minerals and certified organic when available.  No animal parts or derivatives therefrom are used in these products.  Vegan – Vegetarian – Organic – Natural

Black Violet Glass

The Japanese doctor and researcher Masaru Emoto has revolutionized the way we look at water and the way we communicate with ourselves through his incredible photographs of water crystals.  His photographs also revealed that Violet Glass is more than a filter for the damaging effects of sunlight.  What if your skin care products could actually communicate with your skin?  Guess what?  They can!

Naturally Beautiful

Everyone, and that means EVERYONE, has innate beauty and patterns of perfection concealed within every cell of the body.  The question is, are we prepared to embrace that beauty?

Skin Gemms

             cruelty-free skin care

“Working outdoors for many hours a day, in all weather conditions, quickly took a toll on my beautiful skin.  I didn’t just require skin care, I needed skin replacement!  And an idea was birthed that became Skin Gemms “

Lynne Milsom

We deliver and ship throughout North America!

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