There is an abundance of information about superfruits in skincare at present but the concept of superfruits is more than just a trend.



All fruits are superfruits in some way, each offering its own particular benefits, whether you are ingesting as food or applying as skincare.  We at Skin Gemms have been using fruits in most of our formulations since the very beginning as they are rich in antioxidants.


Fruits contain many molecules widely known to benefit the skin but another is the group of molecules called polyphenols. Polyphenols protect plants from their environments and so are generally thought to be effective as potentially combatting free radicals.

Acai Berry

Our favourite superfruit is Acai; a little purple berry.

You may have experienced the acai bowl, heralded as the best breakfast ever and now, the best cleanser ever.

The little berry really packs a punch at pollution.

 The Best Cleanser Ever

We choose the Acai Berry for its Antioxidant, anti-ageing and emollient properties and because it contains essential fatty acids as well as Vitamins A,B,C.   Acai protects the skin from external pollutants, supports the production of collagen and is highly moisturising.

It is a Nourishing Vitamin C enriched daily cleanser;  formulated with beneficial anti-oxidants including: Acai, Raspberry, Cranberry and Citrus Extracts.


  • Acai
  • Cranberry
  • Mandarin
  • Apricot
  • Lemon
  • Blueberry
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Lime
  • Blackcurrant
  • Grape
  • Avocado

We recommend Skin Gemms Clarity Cleansing Solution as an essential component of a complete skincare treatment for Anti Ageing and Oily concerns.

Known as Botanicals, these fruits are incredibly beneficial when eaten or applied topically.

This is why we use them in our Skin Gemms Natural Skincare formulations.


Here are a few recommendationsto maintain a clear skin:

  • Bar soaps and harsh facial washes can strip delicate sensitive skin of necessary moisture. Using a light crème cleanser can clean and condition the skin while maintaining that delicate moisture balance.
  • Gentle lotion cleanser that will appeal to the most sensitive skin types.
  • Avoid cleansing with water that is too hot or too cold as this may irritate the skin causing it to over dry and possibly develop broken capillaries.
  • Always use lukewarm water.

Tips for skin that congests easily:

  • Change pillowcases nightly, as they can harbor bacteria and aggravate breakouts.
  • Avoid using dryer fabric softening sheets: they contain machine-grade oil that disperses in the dryer.
  • Clean cosmetic brushes and sponges weekly.