Skin Gemms with Plant Stem Cells

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Purity Crème

Organic skincare oily skin in Black Violet Glass

Sensitivity Soothe

Sensitive Organic Skincare in Black Violet Glass


Treatment & Maintenace Kit for Sensitive & Dry Concerns

Calendula Calm

Facial moisturizer with plant stem cells in violet glass

“I am very happy with my purchase as it was exactly what I was looking for… The quality of the glass & pump is undeniable. A perfect match for my carrier & essentials oils mix… Lynn has been most accommodating & the cherry on top of the sundae is part of the money goes into supporting a good cause: a llama sanctuary for llamas & alpacas that have found themselves without a home. They are rescued & cared for… It’s a win-win for me…”

Nicole B


Organic Facial Serum Sensitive in Black Violet Glass


Clarity Facial Cleansing Lotion vegan plant based ingredients


Cleanser for Normal and Hyperpigmented Concerns

Rose & Frankinsense Oil

Rose & Frankinsense Oil

“Love this group of people and their products. And their Llama rescue”

“At last skincare that really does care for my skin, working outdoors in harsh conditions.  I loved the light texture and fragrance and have gifted sets to many of my friends.  They all love them and bought replacements.”


I love these products.  They are nourishing yet not oily to the skin,pleasant, light fragrance and assisted in healing the skin after using a cream to deal with skin cancer that left a redness that did not go away.  They arrived in perfect condition many days before the estimated time of arrival and only 3 days after ordering.  I am most appreciative!



Harmony botanical vegan facial serum with plant stem cells

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Love Your Skin

Rejuvenation Crème

Rejuvenating creme moisturizer for all skin types

Essential Harmlessness

dogs paw in hand - cruelty-free skin care skin gemms

“The product is great ! I highly recommend it and Lynne is always there to help!”



Complete vegan organic rejuvenating skin treament kit


Treatment & Maintenance Kit for Oily and Combination Concerns

Clean & Elegant

hydrosol hydrolat frangipani fragrance

Rejuvenate Now

Organic SkinCare in Black Violet Glass Bottles

CoQ- Crème for All

Co-EnzymeQ10 skincare in Black Violet Glass

“I love this skin treatment kit. First, the products are nicely packaged. You can tell great care went into this. I was surprised it arrived fairly early. The cream and lotions have a fresh, delicate scent, not overpowering. It feels deliciously gentle while washing and applying them to your skin. And they work! I especially like the Harmony serum which seems to puff up the sunken area beneath my eyes. It’s amazing to see it look so moist, soft and supple. The rejuvenation creme is also one of my favorites as it moisturizes your skin and makes it look and feel very soft. The staff are really helpful and knowledgeable in answering any questions you may have about the product and are prompt with getting your order together and informing you about its status. Will definitely order from them again.”


Love love love these products! My skin feels amazing!


Rose Garden Parfum

Rose Oil Parfum

Tone & Balance

skin toner for balancing skin ph

“I have tried many many products for my skin and have found this very beneficial. I am 60 years old and have had compliments on how my skin looked.
I am happy that this skincare is not full of chemicals. I will continue to use this product”



Cleanser with CalendulaEssential component of the Treatment & Maintenance Kit for Sensitives


Organic & Vegan
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