The Inspiration

Skin Gemms is the result of a passion to find an effective skin care solution to a skin much weathered from a life outdoors, coupled with a bee in my bonnet about the alarmingly dangerous chemicals my grand daughters were putting on their own beautiful faces.


The result of a huge amount of research has led me to solutions to repair damaged skin in the most natural way; to protect skin from the ravages of climate change and to find an alternative solution to the huge amount of preservatives used in skin care products to extend their ‘shelf-life’.


Skin is the largest organ of a human body.  It is the shop-front of our lives as individuals.  The ravages of time, diet, environmental conditions and DNA are all revealed by our skin.  So too is the skin an outer expression of our inner selves, in particular, our predominant thoughts and feelings are revealed in the lines and expressions upon our faces.  How we feel about ourselves is also a key ingredient in maintaining good health.


Look Good – Feel Good – Be Good


Of significant importance to me, is the effect the climate and the weather has had upon my skin.  I spend much of my day outdoors, serving in The Llama Sanctuary.  In the heat of the sun, my face turns bright red and becomes parched and dry in the cold winters we experience here in British Columbia.  These simple indicators should have been enough to tell me that I ought to take better care of my skin.  But I didn’t.  I just slapped any old cream or lubricant on my face and carried on shoveling and grooming the llamas.  As long as it was natural and not a dangerous chemical brew, I would use it.


What really caught my attention however, was seeing the stuff that my grand daughters were putting on their skin.  What should have been supporting their beautiful and delicate skin was stripping away the natural oils and vital substances.  These youngsters were being targeted by the major skin care companies.  It was time to take action!  Skin Gemms was born.


The effects of full-spectrum sunlight, as well as extremes of cold, dry or humid climates can all take their toll upon our skin.  And the dramatically changing global climate is increasing this threat.


We have found a solution: plant-derived stem cells that initiate skin regeneration.


Welcome to Skin Gemms