The Internet has been a buzz lately concerning dry brushing for healthy skin. Dry brushing is an effective method used to exfoliate dry skin and improve blood flow. It is one of the most inexpensive methods available for do-it-yourself-at-home treatments.

The list of benefits is really astounding for something as simple as brushing. Dry brushing once a day can:
• Improve circulation throughout the body
• Stimulate the lymphatic system
• Exfoliate skin
Smooth cellulite appearance
• Unclog pores
• Excrete toxins

Some experts suggest dry brushing once or even twice each day. However, if you suffer from extremely sensitive skin, you will want to stick to a once a day treatment.

The brush you choose will make a difference in the dry brushing experience. An ideal brush will be made with natural, not synthetic, bristles that are somewhat stiff. If the bristles are too hard, they may create “micro-cuts” in the skin during brushing which can lead to infection. A long handle is versatile and will allow you to get to those hard to reach places.

How to Dry Brush

Begin with dry skin. It is suggested to dry brush in the shower before turning the water on as the brush must stay dry. Begin at your feet making long sweeping movements towards the heart. Avoid scrubbing or bearing too hard on the brush. Use a light pressure and continue moving up both legs. Dry brush your arms next, moving towards your heart. When you reach your abdomen, brush in a counterclockwise direction.

To dry brush the face, you may want to use a plant bristle brush as it is softer than a normal brush and better for the sensitive skin around the eyes. It is advised to dry brush the face only once or twice per week as the skin is thinner. Start at the forehead and use an “upside down U” motion to lift the muscles. Repeat above each eye and both cheeks. When dry brushing the neck, work towards the heart by starting on the outside of the neck and moving towards the inside, sweeping down the throat.

After dry brushing for a few days, you should see a difference in your skin and feel much better as toxins are excreted and brushed away.